About us

As we age, we all experience the inherent processes that are simply a part of life.

This can encompass changes to our health, loss of loved ones, divorce, financial challenges, redundancies,  and our legacy.

How we prepare for and navigate these aspects of life is at the core of what Conscious Ageing is.

Educate, excite, envision, empower.
Touch, move and inspire others.
Wisdom is shared not taught.

Here’s opportunity to share in a conversation and exploration of what it is to age.

“Getting older is inevitable, becoming an elder is a skill.”

Stephen Jenkinson

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.”

Haruki Murakami

“Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Serenity Prayer

Dr Tom Verghese


Dr Tom Verghese is a consultant, speaker, and executive coach, specialising int the areas of Diversity, Equity a n d Inclusion, Cultural Intelligence and Global Leadership. He has three decades of global consulting expertise and extensive involvement working with a diverse range of multinational, national and local organisations.

About five years ago, Tom developed a strong interest in the topic of age diversity, conscious ageing and modern elderhood. As part of this journey, he participated in programs with the Modern Elder Academy, Sage-ing International and Meaningful Ageing Australia. He has spoken and facilitated several workshops and retreats.

Tom holds a Masters in Education and a Doctor of Business Administration. A passionate educator, consultant, father, student and coach, he brings a broad perspective of East and West to life as well as a refreshing candour to his workshops and retreats. Of Indian origin, born and raised in multi-ethnic Malaysia, Tom came to Australia as a foreign student. His wife is English, and they have two children as well as a dog and a cat.

Fiona Hyde


An eternal student, Fiona Hyde has been teaching and practising yoga and meditation for nearly three decades and she is passionate about the way these practices encourage us to live in the present moment consciously and whole- heartedly, and let go of old ways of being, limiting beliefs, and fears, including the fear of death.

Fiona is a ‘Death Doula’ having undertaken End-of-Life Doula Training in 2016 and she has sat and meditated with many individuals during the final stages of their life.

Fiona has also completed a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies (University of Melbourne), and she is the mother of two wonderful children aged 17 and 20.

Fiona has over 20 years experience facilitating retreats, both in Australia and internationally, and is truly delighted to be offering this retreat with Tom to explore how we might step into elderhood with our brave, wise hearts, aware of the important contributions we still have to offer our world.

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout
Australia and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples.